Rates & Reservations

Our goal is to create a family-friendly community-oriented beach retreat. We believe that nature is the best place to escape, and friendships deepen over marshmallows and sunsets. We want to create a place where memories become traditions. We truly hope you’ll come to feel like the Camp Cabins are your own special place. 


As a family business, we want to provide you with the best value for your money. We want our rates to be accessible to a couple and affordable to a family. Our rates are intentionally low, comparable to mid-range hotel prices with the bonus of a high-end kitchen and cozy living space with a gas fireplace. Plus a flat screen, cable, wifi, iPod/iPad docking station and surround sound…check out all the amenities. We hope that by keeping our rates low, you’ll choose to visit often and share your experience with friends.

Rental Rates & Bookings

To provide our guests with the best possible value, our rates vary depending on the season, with lower rates for off season stays during the week. Please check our reservations to see the latest information on pricing. The cleaning fee is $60 per stay, per cabin.

Online Reservations: By-the-Wind Sailor and By-the-Day Dreamer
Call today to reserve your next stay: 888-632-7796 or 503-406-2774

By-the-Wind Sailor Reservation Calendar

By-the Day Dreamer Reservation Calendar

Lastly, our most popular question is “How close is the beach?” There’s a view through the rooftops of the Pacific’s horizon from the cabins, and it’s just a 10-15 minute walk to reach the beach. There are three access points in walking distance, and two of the beach access points have parking, benches/tables and ramps.
Beach and tidepools just a 10-15 minute walk!

Beach and tidepools just a 10-15 minute walk!

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