A New Year’s Dream Come True

A New Year’s Dream Come True
Cronin Clan @Olivia Beach November 2014
Cronin Clan @Olivia Beach November 2014

Some of our friends and family know this story already, but at the new year I love reflecting and giving gratitude:

Our beach cabin dream was actually first envisioned on new year’s day 2011. Miel and I had been inspired by a mini-cabin project in B.C. which cost less than $10k each to build. This relatively small price tag made our dream somehow seem doable, so even though we had no money for the project, we set about putting our design parameters. On New Year’s Day, Auntie Miel took care of the kids while Kevin and I went on a much-needed getaway to Skamania Lodge. As nerdy as it sounds, we literally started planning the project, breaking it down into doable steps that we could start taking action, assuming that the next step would be finding some “angel investors.”

Little did we know at the time that our father would pass away this spring and our world would be forever shifted…toward love and generosity, purpose and passion.

By the end of 2011 we had done very little on our initial research/planning list for building our dream cabins. But the seed had surely been planted. I remember feeling like finding the right piece of land was the most essential element to creating a successful venture. I debated back and forth in my mind about whether to create an entirely off-the-grid development, but something kept on telling me that my family is much too used to an urban lifestyle, plus I truly wanted to be able to walk to the beach and what was the point of having a “beach cabin” if I couldn’t hear and see the ocean from it?

With the blessing (yet very real pressure) of inheriting our father’s estate, and when I started to think about when I really wanted to invest in, I couldn’t help but smile at the idea of building our “dream” cabins. In early December, around my father’s birthday, I remembered the Olivia Beach “New Urbanism” development that Kevin had read about and taken me to visit when Kieran was a babe (I not-so-secretly fell in love with Kevin for his passion for progressive planning…yes, I admit that I’m a “wanna be planner”).

I went to their website, and low and behold, they had just posted four “Camp Cabin” lots for sale. While still a HUGE leap of faith, it suddenly felt like a dream come true. We booked a trip to visit them for Kevin’s birthday, the first weekend in January and by early February we had made our deposit and starting the building schedule. The cabins were both officially closed just before Christmas 2012, and even though I still felt like I was dreaming, we rang in 2013 together with good friends.

Now, another two years later, we’re celebrating our first full year in business as premiere Oregon beach rentals (getting them both on the rental market took half of 2013).

Despite the gargantuan effort it took to build the cabins, set them and our family business up and now manage them, we couldn’t be happier that our dream has come true…and comes true each time each time our friends, families and guests make memories there.

Thanks for being part of our dream come true!

Darcy (and Miel)

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