Karmic Cabins

Karmic Cabins

There seems to be a cosmic aura for us in August around the cabins. We aren’t sure what it is, but it seems to occur every year at this time. For the last three years we have had issues with our service providers in July, found new vendors to work with, and as a result faced all sorts of issues with guests. We sincerely apologize to anyone that we have faced issues with providing the best possible service. We strive for this every day.

Once I think of it, even before the cabins were built, we faced major issues around the cabins as they were being finalized. We suddenly had issues with an error in my credit score and Miel’s ex not being willing to co-sign. There must be something with us Geminis in late August. I don’t know what it is, but I hereby set forth the intention of clearing our cosmic karma and sending, love and peace to our guests.

We will continue to work to improve our systems, establish the routines and credibility of our new local representative, and look at what we can do to provide an incredible retreat opportunity for our guests.

Luckily sandwiched between two irate guests (hurling personal insults verbally and by text) was a very pleased guest who raved about how fabulous it was for her and her family to rent all three spaces and enjoy time together. Those moments make it worthwhile.

We have faced significant issues related to unhappiness related to the city prohibiting us from using the loft space as intended. Ironically, we were initially alerted to this issue two years ago in August. We have tried to fight this with the city (the full tale is long and arduous) and will be moving forward in September with a renovation to expand the cabins with a dormer and exterior staircase to allow us to provide the lofts for guests.

We will be working this fall to ensure that the renovations are managed and that we hire out the providers we need to help ensure that all of our guests have a wonderful stay with us.

We are always striving to provide the best for our guests and improve our services. If you have have suggestions for us, please drop us an email.

Peace & Love,

Darcy & Miel

Carol’s Cottage In-Law Suite For Rent

Carol’s Cottage In-Law Suite For Rent

We recently got approval from the City of Lincoln City to rent out the space above the garage, behind the By-the-Day Dreamer. When we built the beach cabins we were told that homeowners weren’t allowed to rent out these mother-in-law suites and that the only way to allow guests to use them as bonus space… Continue Reading