Rates & Reservations

Save with Direct Vacation Rental Reservations

Bookings can be made online through the search bar below to check availability for specific days. Payment can be accepted by PayPal, credit card, or a bank transfer. We are working on setting up an online booking form. In the mean time, please feel free to send us an email to get a quote for the lowest possible booking rates, or let us know if you have further questions.

2017 Rates

To provide our guests with the best possible value, our rates vary depending on the season, with lower rates for off season.

By-the-Wind Sailor Direct Booking Rates

  •     Winter $75
  •     Spring $135 / Spring Break $150
  •     Early/Late Summer $150 / Summer $175 / Memorial Day $200 / Summer Holidays $235
  •     Fall $115 / Thanksgiving $145 / Winter Holidays $185

By-the-Day Dreamer Direct Booking Rates

  •     Winter $125
  •     Spring $165 / Spring Break $195
  •     Early Summer $180 / Summer $235 / Memorial Day $235 / 4th of July $325 / Labor Day $315
  •     Fall $165 / Thanksgiving $195 / Winter Holidays $215

Fees & Taxes

  • The cleaning fee is $75 for the Wind Sailor and $100 for the Day Dreamer (including in-law suite), per stay.
  • Small/medium dogs are welcomed for a $25 pet fee for extra cleaning/wear and tear.
  • State/local taxes are 11.3%

Monthly Vacation Rentals in Lincoln City, OR

Please contact us by email for monthly rates, starting from $2000. Rentals for more than 30 days are also exempt from taxes.

Support a Family Business

As a family business, we want to provide you with the best value for your money. Our rates are affordable for solo-travelers and families alike. Our rates are comparable or lower than mid-range hotel prices with the bonus of a high-end kitchen and cozy living space with a gas fireplace and great community feel. Plus a flat screen, cable, wifi, iPod/iPad docking station and surround sound…check out all the amenities. By keeping our rates low, we hope you’ll choose to visit often and share your experience with friends.
Call today to reserve your next stay: 888-632-7796 or 503-406-2774