Welcome to Olivia Beach Camp Cabins!


Online Welcome Book

Welcome to the Olivia Beach Camp Cabins! We are delighted you’ve chosen to spend your precious vacation time at our cozy cabins and we hope that you’ll enjoy Olivia Beach as much as we do. We created the By-the-Wind Sailor and By-the-Day Dreamer to provide a beautiful space for families and friends to connect, enjoy the beach, and make memories together. We truly hope you have a wonderful time!

Over the past five years, our welcome book has grown in response to questions/issues. If you’re looking for a specific question, we suggest that you search the online version to find the answer quickly. 🙂

Cabin Related Concerns:

We naturally hope that everything is perfect when you arrive, and that any questions will be answered in this welcome book. Yet, please feel free to get in touch with us if you need anything. A group text message is easiest for quick questions, Miel at 202-468-4707 and Darcy at 503-998-7507, but we will do our best to answer calls as well, 1-503-406-2774 or 1-800-928-6470 (these numbers forward to whichever one of us is on call, and also receive texts).

During Your Stay:

  • We are kid friendly, but please don’t let your children run around with Sharpies.
  • If you accidentally get anything on the furniture, please use the Resolve (above the stove).
  • Pretty please don’t let your wet pets up on the furniture/beds, we hope that you’ve followed instructions to bring an old sheet/towels to prevent messes/damage.
  • We have the hot tub serviced between each stay, but if the hot tub needs anything, please text us. Please do not add water, as this messes the chemical balance.
  • If you need to do laundry, please follow the instructions. (We recommend the garage units.)
  • Please put shellfish/grease/greasy leftovers into the trash. DO NOT put grease down the drain.
  • Please put things back where they belong (especially things from the other cabin).
  • Relax and enjoy yourselves!

Check Out Requests: Before departing we ask that you…

  • Please strip the bedding that you used, so we don’t wash bedding that doesn’t need it.
  • Leave used towels hanging on hooks or in the tub.
  • Start the dishwasher if there are dishes inside.
  • Wash pots and pans, and put them away.
  • Turn thermostats down to 62 degrees in the bedroom and near the loft ladder.
  • Turn off all lights and appliances, please double check the oven (yes! We have had a fire).
  • Please take out the trash from the bathroom/kitchen, and place in outside bins.
  • Check for litter, like cigarette butts and animal waste, and dispose of it properly.
  • Check to make sure the Jacuzzi is fully covered, turn the temp to 99° and lock it.
  • Leave a note about any updates for our housekeeping team (or email/text us).
  • Did you sign the guest book? We love hearing about your stay!
  • Leave us a review - we always strive for 5 star reviews, so let us know what we can do to earn them!
  • Triple check everywhere for your personal items - it’s a hassle to forget anything.
  • Close and lock all doors and windows (including the garage).

Cabin Rules & Courtesies

Olivia Beach is a family-friendly vacation rental community that promotes opportunities to engage with neighbors and enjoy common space. Please respect your neighbors and abide by quiet times: 10pm to 7am.

Smoking is absolutely not allowed inside the cabins, and outside you need to be respectful of other guests and make sure to put butts directly in the outside garbage. Likewise, please be thoughtful about marijuana.

The cabins are furnished and stocked for your comfort. We hope that you treat them with the same respect and care that we've given them. Please let us know if you damage anything (or if anything needs attention.

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Beach Access

The camp cabins are located with convenient beach access from several locations.

10-15 Minute Beach Walk

The nearest access requires moderate physical ability, but can be done with kids. Walk south for about two blocks, past the park, and turn west at the southwest corner. Walk along the boardwalk and up a set of stairs, turn right and walk north uphill, and then cross the street. Between two large homes is an HOA-owned staircase that provides public beach access (there is a new gate, and we’re working to get a sign to make this more welcoming…). These are sturdy, but please make sure you are healthy enough. You can avoid walking back up by walking south to southern beach access, which is a not-too-challenging loop.

Northern Beach Access - 5 Minute Drive (or 20-30 Minute Walk)

To avoid the stairs altogether, the nicest access is to the north. Canyon Drive Park has new facilities, including restrooms, a drinking fountain, surfboard racks, bike racks, picnic tables and benches. There’s also a small wetland open space. The public beach access is ADA accessible. Just drive north along Coast Avenue until you reach the bottom of the hill. Coast Avenue connects will US101 if you continue north. This is also a great route for a longer loop and includes Agnes Creek Open Space midway.

Southern Beach Access - 5 Minute Drive (or 20-30 Minute Walk)

The southern access can be found by driving south on SW Coast down approximately seven long blocks and turning west (left) on SW 32nd Street, then south (left) onto SW Anchor Avenue. You will see signs for the public beach. Another route is to loop back on a hilly route on SW Anchor Avenue, which turns briefly into a very steep SW 24th Drive before connecting back into SW Coast Avenue just north of the cabins. This is also great for an aerobic walk or jog. This spot also has benches, tables and a ramp.

Family-Friendly Amenities


As families with babes/young kiddos, we understand that traveling can be a schlep. So, we want the cabins to make your stay easy and help lighten your packing list. There are high chairs and a pack-n-play in the garage. Plastic dishes and silverware are stocked in the kitchen. Games and books are inside the trunk-style ottomans. Sand toys and kites are in the garage. There are also some pool toys available. We hope you’ll enjoy your family time together.

Retreat/Play Space (aka Garage)

We have transformed the “garage” into a retreat/play space. This is a common space, please don’t store anything valuable in this space. There are bicycles, crab rings, sand toys, etc. Also, please keep this area tidy and make sure young kids are fully supervised.


We welcome small/medium-size dogs (large dogs can be like a bull in a china closet in the small cabins!). Please bring old towels to wipe paws after returning from the beach or trail, and don’t let them up on the furniture. Please don’t leave your pet unattended, and keep them on leash (or in firm control) while walking around the neighborhood. Lastly, make sure to pick up any piles and clean any messes.

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Loft Safety

The City of Lincoln City has changed their vacation rental policy to allow guests to use the loft space as sleeping lofts. We strongly suggest that no children below the age of four are allowed in the loft and that all children are supervised going up and down the ladder. It is also advised to face the stairs and not to wear slippery socks when ascending or descending. Please note that even for adults it is easy to underestimate the last step and try to come down too quickly. We want you to be safe.


Two parking spots are available for each rental cabin. Please respect adjacent neighbors by parking in designated parking spots. By-the-Wind Sailor’s parking places are the two to the far east. By-the-Day Dreamer’s parking places are the two on either side of the walkway up. We’ve parked three vans in the larger space, but you do need to park tight and straight. Parking parallel to the garage is allowed, but not elsewhere in the community. We encourage carpooling for larger groups. If you need extra parking, there is a public parking lot at the turn on SW 29th and HWY 101.


Smoking is absolutely not allowed inside the cabins. Smoking outdoors requires caution and attention to flammable surfaces such as the mulch surrounding the cabins. Please smoke only on shell walkways and deposit butts directly into the outside garbage. Guests are responsible for any damage caused by smoking.


Candles are allowed on a limited basis. Please only use well-contained or votive candles. Please do not leave candles burning if you’re not present. Guests are responsible for any damage caused from use of candles.

Quiet Times

Neighborhood Quiet Time is 10:00pm – 7:00am

Indoor Entertainment

Wifi: Login info can be found in your welcome note.


Netflix can be accessed by pressing the “V” like symbol in the middle of the remote. When a lower bar appears, click over until the Netflix logo shows at the bottom left of the TV, then click OK. Scroll through selections and then press OK to select a movie or show. If a yellow symbol exclamation point appears, re-enter the wifi password in the TV settings (can be found the same way as the Netflix, selecting settings when it is at the lower right of the screen). The login can be found in your welcome note.

iPod/iPad Docking Station and Surround Sound

The cabins are equipped with surround sound and a docking station for iPods/iPads. In addition, FM radio can be found for local news and tunes. (NPR/OPB is 90.5 fm)


The cabins are equipped with a variety of board games for plenty of family fun. They are located in the trunk-style ottomans. Games get swapped between cabins, but here is the list available:

  • Apples to Apples - Easy fun for around 7 and up
  • Balderdash - Make up definitions of crazy real words (Our favorite as kids!)
  • Compatability - Great for couples or teenagers
  • Clue - A who-dun-it classic...with patience, gives endless entertainment
  • Goblet - Strategy game like Chess, great for kids 7 to adult
  • Memory - National park memory game...great for kids of all ages
  • Mental Floss - A modern take on trivia
  • Pictionary - Fun for budding artists and creative types, nice left brain game
  • Scrabble Sentence - Rules aren’t intuitive...make up your own!
  • Scattergories - Great word game that’s a little addictive
  • Trivial Pursuit - Obvious for trivia buffs and competitive brainiacs
  • Uno - One of our family’s favorite camping card games, great for young kids


Books can be found in the smaller trunk. Most are ocean-themed kids books, but there are some adult “beach books.” There is also a William Sullivan hiking guide. Please leave our collection for other guests.

Cooking and Baking

We hope chefs and bakers will appreciate the fully-stocked kitchen. We have supplied hand mixers, griddles, waffle irons, and blenders for your enjoyment. Check our webpage for all amenities and features.


Outdoor Entertainment


Each cabin has a 6-8 person Jacuzzi available for your soaking pleasure. Please turn off and cover the jacuzzi if you are the last one out. Make sure to lock before checking out. Please also be conscious of noise from the tub carrying to the adjacent bedrooms and neighbors. There’s a full list of “tips” near each Jacuzzi.


Four complimentary bikes are located in the garage (two per cabin). Please wear the helmets provided and use caution on hills (helmets are required for anyone under age 16 in Oregon). Although Lincoln City does not have designated bike lanes or paths, most local streets in the neighborhood are safe to bike. Please do not leave the bikes unattended. Any theft is your responsibility.

Fire pit

The fire pit is a semi-communal space, shared amongst the adjacent cabins. Please respect this area, our neighbors, and use accordingly. Responsible fire-building is permitted, with caution during the summer and honor potential prohibitions. Hot dog/marshmallow skewers are provided in the cabins and should be found in the thin cabinet near the refrigerator. Firewood can be purchased at most local stores. An axe is located in the garage on top of the black owner’s locker.


A built-in BBQ stand is located on the knoll of the common space, which is private to the camp cabins. If you have a need for more grilling, there are more BBQ stands located near the sand volleyball court in the park. Grill utensils should in the cabinet to the left of the refrigerator. Guests are expected to provide charcoal supplies. All BBQs must be attended at all times while the grill is hot. This is essential for everyone’s safety.

Olivia Beach Commons

The Olivia Beach community offers numerous amenities as well as a neighborhood designed to facilitate engagement with neighbors and others visiting on vacation. Amenities include a common green space with playground, sand volleyball court, common fire pit, BBQs, and a small coastal wetland.

The heated swimming pool next door is open during the summer season, Memorial Day weekend to September 30th. The new exercise room is open 24/7. There is a FOB access card in the drawer between the fridge and the sink. Please be careful not lose or get wet: they cost $75 to replace!

Cleaning & Whatnot


The cabins now have a large capacity washer/dryer set in the garage for your convenience. Our cleaner uses these midday on days when cabins are being prepared for new guests, but otherwise guests are welcome to take care of any wet beach clothes or the like.

The By-the-Day Dreamer still has a washer/dryer combo unit (located in the utility closet in the hallway). The units are smaller capacity and should include smaller loads (one set of sheets) to dry efficiently. To move directly from washing to drying, please make selections on both settings. Note that after both cycles the unit moves to a “CL” or cool down mode that continues to fluff but not actually dry. It is best to press the power button, wait for a click of the door release, and then check for dryness. The units are initially very humid and seem moist, but after a moment will feel more dry. Note that on the timed drying mode it automatically selects EX, which means that the 30 minute selection will run for 50 minutes. If you want to do laundry quickly, we recommend the units in the garage.

Gas Fire/ Thermostat

The gas fireplace is the primary heat source for the cabins and can be adjusted via the thermostat. Please leave thermostat adjusted to 62 degrees upon departure. Note that the fireplace functions as a steady heat source, and not as a standard fireplace that is turned on specifically for a fire, so there is no way to simply ‘turn on the fire’ for a nice roaring fire, but simply enjoy the coziness it provides for the cabins. There is no air conditioning, open the windows in the evening to lower the temp (and enjoy the breeze!).

Garbage & Recycling (Plus Reuse)

We expect all guests to take out the trash upon departure. Please make sure to keep the cart lids latched.

Recycling is very important to us personally, however Lincoln Sanitary is very strict and past guests have not followed our recycling guidelines. Unfortunately, our recycling service has been revoked. We still make the effort to drop off recycling (which is located just a ½ mile away of HWY 101: 1726 US-101). We appreciate you recycling as much as possible during your stay.

Here are some tips on what can be recycled in Lincoln City.

Newspaper & Paper: Newspaper (including ads and inserts), scrap paper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, post-it notes, envelopes, non-foil wrapping paper and cards, paper towels and toilet paper cores, and egg cartons can be put in the blue cart.

Cardboard & Grey Board: Including cereal, cracker, cookie and shoe boxes. Flatten all boxes and place in cart loose. No boxes with wax coating or food residue, please.

Plastic Bottles and Tubs #1-5: Including buckets and planting/nursery pots, 5 gallon or smaller, and larger than 4 inches in diameter. Remove/rinse to remove food residue and dirt.

Aluminum, Steel and Tin Cans: EMPTY aerosol cans, pie trays, rinse cans to remove food.

Glass: Must be clean, unbroken and separated

What to keep out of recycling:

♻ Plastics - Nothing marked #6 or #7, no plastic bags or other film plastics (cling wrap, sandwich bags, etc). ♻ Paper - No waxed paper or cardboard, used facial tissues or paper towels, or photos. ♻ Styrofoam - No take-out boxes, packing peanuts, or rigid packing foam.

Reuse: Feel free to leave clean paper and plastic bags under the sink for other guests. We try to bring spare plastic food containers for guests to use for leftovers, if you have any to leave behind, please make sure they are cleaned and left under the sink.