Welcome to Sweet Haven!

We know these are unprecedented times. If your family is like ours, you may be feeling a little stir crazy and in need of a break from your own four walls. If you’re like most of our guests, you’ve had to cancel at least one trip this year. Maybe taking a trip to the beach might be your family’s big adventure this year! We are happy to give you a change of scenery and some fresh ocean breeze to quell your restless spirit. 

You can trust that our Sweet Haven team is doing all we can to keep your family safe. 

Some changes include:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols, based on CDC guidelines
  • Extended clean time (10:30-4:30) allows us to make sure we cover everything
  • Modified departure list to ensure clear communication with guests

Having guests like you is essential to keeping our homes safe and healthy for all. Sweet Haven only accepts reservations from guests who affirm that:

– All members of their party have been strictly practicing social distancing within at least the two weeks prior to any visit;

– That they have not had any symptoms prior to a stay, and that they will notify us if this changes prior to their stay–or if conditions arise within two weeks of their stay;

– That they will wear masks in indoor public places and social distance when outdoors or at the beach;

– To help prevent or slow the spread, we have been asked by local authorities to only rent to individuals who are members of the same household or in the same family, who are congregating together. (More than 10 individuals not in the same household who stay at a short-term rental together for social or recreational purposes are in violation of the state guidance.)

These clear expectations, along with our new sanitation policies, help keep our piece of the coast open and safe for all to enjoy.

Book now with confidence and know that Sweet Haven will be here for you. In the event that restrictions in travel are mandated, we will give a full refund. Should you be contact-traced or have a confirmed case within your group, we also expect that you will reach out immediately to work with us. 

We are grateful for the trust you show each time you stay with Sweet Haven at Olivia Beach. Let a stay at Olivia Beach be your favorite memory of this year!

Be well,


Sweet Haven